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Wireless and Optical Services

Broadband Wireless Networks

Broadband wireless networks continue to grow as LTE and 5G technology become the preferred method for providing IP based data and voice to support the mobile subscriber experience. Microwave networks play a critical component for supporting 5G technology due to the lower cost and speed at which it can be deployed versus fiber optic construction.  Today’s Point to Point radio systems provide the low latency characteristics needed to support the speeds usually associated with optical fiber. Granger Telecom has the expertise and experience to provide our clients with an end to end solution.

Microwave System Solutions

Granger Telecom offers complete solutions to support your licensed and un-licensed microwave system requirements.  Our team of experts provide path design services, including path calculations, path profiles, site & field path surveys, FCC license applications, frequency coordination, and Transmission Engineering. We use the latest versions of PathLoss© software for all design Work. Our field Installers and Technicians can deploy or upgrade your system and integrate into your network.  Granger telecom has the experience and expertise to Engineer and Install your network from inception through completion. 

Services Include:

  • RF Engineering (Microwave, PCS, UHF/VHF)

  • Microwave System Engineering Including Path and Site Surveys

  • FCC License Management, Frequency Coordination and Mods. 

  • Microwave, LTE and Small Cell System Install, Testing, Decom, Upgrades, and Relocation 

  • Frequency Relocation Programs (Spectrum Clearing)

  • Antenna and Radio upgrades Including TDM to IP conversions

  • Tower and Facility Audit/Inspections & General Maintenance

Cellular, 5G, and Small Cell

Cellular networks are fast becoming the technology of choice for data, streaming and content delivery. 5G technology promises lightning fast speeds that are typically only found in optical networks. To meet the demand, network operators must upgrade the Radio Access Networks at the edge of the network to meet customer demand.  Granger Telecom has the technical capability to meet the demands from simple capacity upgrades to green field site solutions.

Services Include:

  • RF Engineering and propagation studies

  • Site selection and permitting

  • Site development and civil construction

  • Monopole and Tower construction

  • Antenna upgrades and Swaps

  • Small Cell Radio Access Node install and test

  • Macro-site Install and Test

  • Tower and Facility Audit/Inspections & General Maintenance

Optical Networks

Behind every good wireless broadband network requires a robust optical backbone to handle the heavy data loads and aggregate the delivery of content across the planet.  A good Optical and Copper system is the foundation of any network, and a properly designed and installed network should last for years and achieve the speed and capacity it was designed to render.  With the advent of bandwidth-hungry applications, many institutions are expanding their network to 100 Gigabit speeds, and some are extending fiber optics deeper into the network to support 5G technology and the mobile workforce.

Although your current network may be ahead of the curve now, you will most likely be considering some upgrades in the future.  Granger Telecom Corp. can support your Planning, Engineering, Equipment furnish, Installation and Testing needs to upgrade your current network or build new.  Granger Telecom Corp can provide a variable cost solution to your network transport growth requirements.

Granger Telecom offers nationwide inside plant and outside plant fiber optic and copper network design, construction, installation, and maintenance services.  Allow us to assist you with your next project.

Services Include:

  • Network Planning ISP/OSP

  • Project Management

  • Transport & Detail Project Engineering

  • Procurement

  • Installation/Test/Commission

  • Network Grooming & Decommission

  • OTDR Fiber Testing

  • Maintenance Solutions

Technologies Supported:

  • SONET (OC-3 to 192)

  • DWDM

  • Optical Multiplexers

  • Gigabit Ethernet (10G to 300G)

  • Optical Routers (Core & Edge)

  • Switching ( IP & Legacy)

  • TDM and other Legacy Central Office Equipment

  • DC Power

  • Superstructure and Fiber Raceway

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