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Tower Services

Granger Telecom has been providing communications tower services to our clients for over 50 years. Our team of professionals both on the ground and on the tower are the best in the industry in what they do and they do it with Safety as their first priority.

Granger Telecom has experience across the spectrum of tower configurations from monopole, self-support and guyed towers to rooftop and custom solutions. Our services range from full turn-key “Greenfield” site and civils, tower construction, antenna installation, tower inspections and maintenance as well as decommissioning equipment or complete site removal.

Our clients choose us over and over because of our ability to safely bring their projects in on-time and on-budget consistently. Next to safety, high customer satisfaction is what we deliver daily.

Services Include:

  • Turn-Key Site Construction

  • Permitting and Construction Management

  • Tower Erection

  • Equipment Staging and Delivery

  • Antenna, Lighting, Coax, Waveguide and Fiber installation and test

  • Macro Cell Antenna and Line installation and test

  • Microwave system Installation and Pathing

  • Tower and Equipment Inspections

  • Tower Mods, structural analysis and foundation mapping

  • Tower and Equipment Maintenance

  • Decommissioning Antenna and Cabling to Full Tower and Site Teardown and Removal


  • Wireless Carrier Front-haul/Back-haul Systems

  • Private Commercial Networks

  • State Government and Municipal Networks

  • Utility and Railroad Communication Networks

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